Inspired By Nature

My name Is Kelsey and I am the owner and creator behind GLASSHOUSE Collection. I focus on using natural and recycled materials in all of my works as I believe that it is important to stay close to the earth and the elements in everything we do as well as resource the things we already have available at our fingertips. I have been creating my whole life and started this business a year ago. I hope to continue to do what I love and make GLASSHOUSE a wonderful Decor destination.

I have worked with many different mediums and art forms, I most enjoy working with fiber and have started to focus on that as my specialty. I enjoy the full process of getting the raw wool, spinning it into yarn and then using that in my works for a true full process experience.

Aside from my love of fiber I love unique plants and gardening. I enjoy pressing flowers and leaves from my own garden as well as going on nature walks with my family to collect different specimens for my herbarium works. Each has a special story and look that makes a wonderful piece of art to have in your home. Herbariums have been around for centuries and really do carry a history with each one. My works will be outlasting with the care taken to preserve each specimen..

When I am not creating and growing my little business I enjoy spending time with my wonderful family. My husband Carter is wonderful and always so supportive and I have two sweet children; Sophia- 9 and Ruary- 11 Months! I have a monthly cooking party with my friends where we create an entire meal from scratch, inspired by other cultures. It is always a learning experience and a true delight!

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